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“It’s fucking nasty to eat this late! I’m not gonna!” He’s still gonna complain though.

[*You fling up your arms.]

"Fine! Act like a baby and be miserable if you want! I don’t care!”


“Then eat something, god.”

“What? No! It’s bad to eat after 9pm..”


“What are you even doing up. Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

"I don’t live with my mom anymore, I can stay up as long as I want."

"And if you’re hungry, just eat something. It’s common sense! It’s not gonna kill you!”


“It’s pretty cool though. I can say I’m dating a 20-year old.” Yura laughed softly. She reached out slowly before she hugged him. “I’m kinda proud of that, actually.”


[*You just stand there and blush… a little.]

"Is that… really something to be proud of, though? It just means I was born before some other people."

[*You start smiling for some reason.]

"Well, I guess it means I have more experience than them, so… ahaha… maybe it is kinda neat…”

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“Yeah, yeah…you’ve got a point there. I just think I get weirderthan most people. I did try to climb up your house once.” She shook her head. “How does it feel to be legal though? I still have a couple of years before I reach it myself.”


"It feels… alright, I guess?"

[*You shrug.]

"I mean it’s just like, it’s a thing I couldn’t do legally before, but now suddenly I can…? I never really cared that I couldn’t drink alcohol, I never really wanted to, and if I did want to I doubt I would let the cops stop me…"

"I kinda… can’t believe I’m already that old though."

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narukami-yura replied to your post: "I guess that makes you a legal adult now. Wanna…

“It’s just as well. I get weird when I’m drunk, after all.”

"Everyone gets weird, that’s what being drunk does to people.”

"But I mean, sometimes I guess they’d rather be weird and make idiots out of themselves than feel like shit, so… if it works for them, whatever."

narukamiyura:"I guess that makes you a legal adult now. Wanna buy us some alcohol? I'm kidding, of course." She grinned at him.

"Well I could if I have enough money… But most of it tastes awful anyway, so I don’t know if I even want to."


“Hm, I’m sure you’d know all about desperate guys…” Saki hummed, torn between being mildly amused by the loser and being annoyed that he was taking up so much of her meal break. At his mention of how the town would react, Saki shrugged.

“So? This town is full of gossips. You could be a saint and they’ll still find something to imply.” Saki for one knew that very well how people whispered whenever she’d walk down the shopping district to get home after working an afternoon-evening shift at Junes.


“They don’t have anything better to do…” Brown eyes glared at the boy as he protested about Yukiko Amagi’s good qualities, cutting off Saki’s train of thought in the process. “Yeah, and she’s human. I bet there’s a lot of filthy things you don’t know about her. Get over yourself, no one is perfect.”

[*That scathing implication sails right over you because you’re too busy formulating another refutation in your head.]

"Exactly, they already have enough reasons to gossip and make up stupid things about her, she doesn’t need to give ‘em another one. Seriously."

[*You cross your arms in indignation.]

"And of course they don’t have anything better to do. That’s because this town’s boring as shit.

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[*You turn 20 years old today.]


[*You don’t feel 20 at all.]

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